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“For anyone whose curriculum includes Chiapas or indigenous peoples in Latin America, this kit is an essential teaching tool.”

Leonard L. Cavise, Professor of Law, Director of the Center for Public Interest Law, DePaul University, Chicago, IL


items from the Culture Kit

An Interactive Mini-Museum/Culture Kit

Our Maya Way of Life

Our Maya Way of Life serves as a superb introduction to Chiapas for classroom use or for groups visiting the region. The contents of the culture kit illustrate aspects of daily life and culture within Tsotsil and Tseltal communities. It is suitable for all age levels.

The kit includes:

  • photographs ready for display, featuring captions in English, Spanish, and the languages of the photographers
  • cultural objects including textiles, clothing, cooking objects, celebration objects, and more
  • traditional ritual music CD
  • photo slideshow CD
  • book Camaristas, Mayan Photographers from Chiapas
  • The Culture Kit is available for sale for $350 USD.
    For information on how to purchase please go here.