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“Although simple in approach and technique, the work of the photographers is informed by a unique visual vocabulary and has a purity of vision that is direct and unmediated by other artistic or photographic influences.”

Richard Pitnick
Black & White Magazine USA

"Our Maya Way of Life is a superb educational resource that is easily adaptable for use with students of all ages, enabling them to explore, analyze, interpret and verify observations. It is also an outstanding model for the design and presentation of cultural resources in the classroom.">

Monique Desomeau, Curator of Eduction, Flint Institute of Arts, Flint, Michigan

“Excited by everyday Maya objects, students question their use, fabrication and context. Learning to 'read' material culture is a cross-cultural tool. New materials integrated with traditional Maya crafts demonstrate assimilation.”

Erica H. Adams, Faculty, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, in partnership with Tufts University, MA

from the exhibition Nuestra Comida / Our Food

Educational Offerings

Sharing indigenous cultures and experiences with people outside Chiapas is an important part of our educational mission. With that goal in mind, CPP Founder Carlota Duarte and several photographers have designed lectures, workshops, and related activities to teach others about our work in Chiapas.

Here are just a few of our offerings, which can be tailored to the needs of specific audiences in one or several sessions. These programs can be arranged in conjunction with exhibitions, residencies, or other activities.

Photography as a Tool to Share Culture

A presentation on contemporary Maya life with Carlota Duarte and indigenous photographers, including a presentation of Our Maya Way of Life, an Interactive Mini-Museum/Culture Kit.

Developing Individual Projects

Indigenous photographers with experience developing their own photo projects will instruct and offer suggestions on how workshop participants can develop their own photographic projects.

A Brief History of CPP

Founder Carlota Duarte discusses the philosophy, origins, and activities of CPP, as well as the rewards and challenges of working in a multilingual, multicultural environment. Illustrated by a PowerPoint presentation.

Our Maya Way of Life Culture Kit is available for purchase for $350 USD. Read more about it here and read how to buy here.