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“If, as Jean Baudrillard states, the rebirth of photography can only come about if the subject abandons himself to a world beyond conventional interpretation in order to recover the purity of what is happening – that charm beyond the material world – the images of Camaristas, Mayan Photographers from Chiapas could be the first to come close to this desire.”

Sergio González Rodríguez
Reforma, México








Many participants wish to make their work known outside of their communities, and CPP makes every effort to help those participants share their photography with the broadest possible audience. We assist participants in planning and preparing for exhibitions, presentations, publications, and outreach activities. Visiting photographers and volunteers often help prepare materials in collaboration with CPP photographers as well as with curators, writers, and editors.

From its inception, the Chiapas Photography Project has attracted the attention of scholars and institutions of higher learning. Archived photographs have been used in academic research on Maya culture, and many scholars have studied and written about CPP as a model for developing a multicultural and multilingual arts program. Photographers’ work has been included and discussed in numerous books, articles, catalogues, academic papers, and other publications.

The Chiapas Photography Project has benefited from the collaboration of nearly 100 volunteers from Mexico, the United States, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain, Holland, Poland, Spain, Estonia, England, and Australia.

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