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“Our photographs provide knowledge about our life because we proudly maintain the customs of our ancestors, our roots, and love of our people.”

Emiliano Guzmán Meza
CPP artist


Juana López López
CPP artist



Presently CPP has available for loan two small traveling exhibitions, Nuestra comida / Our Food, and Respeto / Respect. The exhibitions are ideal for schools, museums, and libraries.

Read the prospectus for Nuestra Comida/Our Food or Respeto/Respect.

CPP photographers have exhibited in solo and group shows in museums, galleries, alternative spaces and indigenous communities throughout Mexico and internationally in the United States, Holland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Iceland. It has been gratifying to see how our activities on the international art scene have helped bring worldwide attention to indigenous realities and talents.

These exhibitions have also encouraged CPP photographers to grow creatively, and on some occasions enabled them to interact with other artists from different cultural backgrounds and contexts. CPP will continue to promote such cultural exchange through a partnership with the Flint Institute of the Arts; a residency program for Maya photographers in the United States will begin in 2011.

The Chiapas Photography Project is in the process of preparing a major exhibition. It gathers some of the best work produced by CPP photographers throughout the twenty-year history of the Project and will include interpretive texts and a selection of documentary photographs of CPP activities.

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