A complete set of all publications including special order books costs $160.00 (including USA shipping).

Many of the books published by the Chiapas Photography Project are the result of individual photographer projects. The photographers often speak of their photo projects as a way of honoring their cultures, giving back to their communities, and preserving traditions for future generations. The subject matter in each book ranges from family portraiture and representations of traditional beliefs, to meditations on corn and chiles and the production of posh (a local alcohol used in religious ceremonies). Each book features text in Maya languages by the author and may include additional Maya texts by contributors, as well as translations in Spanish and English.

carnaval posh corn corn

Tajimal K’in ta Tenejapa / Carnaval in Tenejapa, a Tseltal Community in Chiapas
Petul Hernández Guzmán

Photographs and text about the preparation for and celebration of Carnaval, its chronology and roles of participants. 68 photos, 80 pages, $15 USD

Pox / Posh, a traditional liquor from Chiapas
Genaro Sántiz Gómez

Photographs and text exploring the use of posh in the indigenous villages of the Chiapas Highlands. 32 photos, 80 pages, $15 USD

Ixim / Maíz / Corn
Emiliano Guzmán Meza

Photographs and text illustrating the central role of corn in the cuisine, culture, and history of indigenous people of Chiapas. 59 photos, 80 pages, $15 USD

Kichtik / Nuestro chile / Our Chile
Juana López López

Photographs of a variety of chilies arranged with local textiles with text about the origin and diffusion of chilies throughout the world. 43 photos, 80 pages, $15 USD

visiones cristina creencias camaristas

Visiones: Gertrude Duby Blom y fotógrafos mayas de Chiapas 1950-2000
Gertrude Duby Blom and Mayan Photographers from Chiapas

Catalogue of an exhibition of photographs by Gertrude Duby Blom and six indigenous photographers. 12 photos, 36 pages, $8 USD

Mi hermanita Cristina / My Little Sister Cristina, a Chamula Girl
Xunka’ López Díaz

Photographs and text about 9-year-old Cristina, and the author’s description of her own childhood. 32 photos, 80 pages. Available by special order only.

Creencias de nuestros antepasados / Beliefs of Our Ancestors
Maruch Sántiz Gómez

Photographs and text about the traditional beliefs of San Juan Chamula community members. 48 photos, 108 pages. Available by special order only.

Camaristas, Fotógrafos Mayas de Chiapas / Camaristas, Mayan Photographers from Chiapas

A collective work representing more than 80 photographers from five ethnic groups, including images of people, food, work, celebrations, and other aspects of indigenous life. 83 photos, 120 pages, $18 USD

Bats’il k’op tseltal ta Tenejapa/La lengua tseltal de Tenejapa/Our Tseltal Language of Tenejapa
Antonia Girón Intzín

ABC book in Tseltal, Spanish and English. 50 photos, 53 pages, $17 USD
Bats’i K’op ta tsotsil yu’un Chamo´/Nuestra lengua tsotsil de Chamula/Our Tsotsil Language of Chamula
Juana López López

ABC book in Tsotsil, Spanish and English. 50 photos, 53 pages, $17 USD